Milos Tradidional products

Production of traditional products, as salty tomato paste and dried tomatoes , both dried under the sun, using old local methods


Hydroponic production

We decided to earn the environmental benefits of using hydroponic growing over the traditional soil method of growing


geothermal heating system

Geothermical hot water, which is available in the area,  will be used for heating plant nursery and greenhouses


Naturally Sun dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes will be handled in the traditional way, as they are sliced & covered by salt,  and laid under the sun till they are totally dry.   

local products

High quality

Unicque taste


Renweable Energy

enviromentally clean technology

floor pipe heating system

Recycling of surface geothermal water

without compromising the environment and the aquifer

The business started in 1988 with the aim of producing vegetables for local consumption, utilizing the existence of geothermal hot water in the area.
The production is mainly based on tomatoes, but also includes other vegetables, as cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, green beans etc.

Agricultural investment AGROMILOS